In which things begin

Larow the elf merchant contacted the PCs about Awrecan, a city he recently visited. While there, he witnessed an elf escape and beg for help before being dragged off back into the city. Larow expressed concern for his fellow elves and asked the party to investigate.

The party was not convinced of Larow’s altruistic intentions, and quickly learned that Larow hoped to acquire some dirt on Awrecan to strengthen his attempts at a trade embargo of the city and force them to renegotiate for better trade prices.

Larow cannot successfully embargo the city because of two fellow merchants, Chirman and Graidig. Both have refused to participate in a trade boycott, ostensibly because the city needs external sources of food to survive, and they do not wish to incur hardship and death upon the residents of the city.

Larow has offered 1800 gold for information that will convince Chirman and Graidig to join the embargo.


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